The train to Busan is due to arrive at High noon (aka The train to Busan someday will pass for all of us)

How far would you go to protect yourself or your family? What sad and unbearable dilemmas can life lead us to when it shows its ugly face?

Many of you have watched the movie «Alive» ( I’m sure the majority agree that at the point in the movie where the dilemma for plane crash survivors is whether they will be fed from the corpses of dead passengers to avoid starvation, almost all of us have categorically stated that we could not do such a thing. It is a given that under normal circumstances the reaction of the passengers, who were finally called to face the above dilemma, would be the same. Even worse were the dilemmas for the 150 surviving passengers of the French frigate «Medusa», which sank in 1806 and was the inspiration for the famous French children’s song «Il était un petit navire» ( In their extreme forms, such dilemmas are shocking, but we must not miss that corresponding dilemmas we face during our lives in a more refined and camouflaged form. Do not forget that in many areas, the success of one means the failure of many. It is true hypocrisy to ignore it. Essentially, the basic motive behind all these dilemmas ends up being: «either me or them». In those critical moments, faith in humanism and solidarity is tested, either the conflict is between individuals, families, professionals, companies or even states. In the movie «The Train to Busan» ( an accident turns people into zombies with the well-known consequences. But what shocks in the film is not the rabid zombies but how the heroes of the film face the above dilemma in the face of threat.

It is a given, as I said, that we have all been called or will be called to face the dilemma «either me or them» and everyone finally chooses the path that expresses him better. I will not be tempted to point out the appropriate attitude, but I want to admit, since we talked about movies, that in the movie «Titanic» (, as many times as I have watched it, I am always fascinated by the scene in which, while the ship is sinking, a father and a son put on their good clothes and go to the ship’s lounge to enjoy their drink, refusing to compete for a place on the boat._



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