Van Cleef & Arpels… in installments, please

I am curious to read whatever book falls into my hands, regardless of genre, object or author. This gives me the opportunity to become socially diverse. Sometimes, some of the information turns out to be very useful in certain circumstances, as long as you have the foresight to pay attention to the financial details. And I will explain immediately.

So the other day I had the brilliant idea to read a romantic book – a harlequin type, which had as a gift a Sunday newspaper – in which one of the characters – a rich, sheikh, female conqueror – offered a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace as a gift to a woman . A little bit of the heroine’s excitement when she accepted the gift, a little bit of the internet research around the brand, a little bit of my willingness to skillfully slip out of an awkward discussion with my fiancé , I throw my thought at her that I was willing to get her such a piece of jewelry as a gift. I must have said it very convincingly because the initial laughter turned into a question, which in turn quickly became anticipation, with the result that – seeing the appeasement of the previous state of war – I projected a solemn commitment to the purchase, which, of course, was accepted with cheers and sloppy kisses.

When, after a while, my fiancé’s technical questions about the progress of my gift began, I was mobilized to inquire about the prices. And now, I’m trying to refresh my English in order to contact the company to ask them politely – gently, it seems to me the right word in English, i have to make a note of it, i will need it – if they can accept the payment in installments…



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